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July is Dry Eye Awareness Month

Dry eye disease is no longer a condition that develops with age. A growing number of children are spending more time in front of digital screens. Unfortunately, frequent usage of electronic devices, like laptops, tablets, and game consoles, can increase the risk of dry eyes. Allergies, inflammatory conditions, poor nutrition, and diabetes may cause this, as well.

Signs of dry eyes in children:

1. Frequent blinking 2. Rubbing eyes 3. Light sensitivity 4. Redness 5. Increase in watering 6. Intermittent blurry vision 7. Sandy gritty sensation

Dr. Kaur specializes in diagnosis and management of dry eye disease.

Call or Text 253-793-1588 to schedule an appointment.

Bonney Lake: 253-793-1588 Renton: 425-226-3444


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