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How to Prevent and Treat a Stye

What is a stye?

Stye is a red (usually painful) bump that forms on the lid margin due to clogged oil glands. These oil glands prevent tears from evaporating too quickly and drying out your eyes, but these glands can also become infected with bacteria.

There are several causes of styes:

1. Poor hygiene

2. Make-up

3. Skin conditions such as Rosacea

4. Environmental risk factors

How to treat/prevent:

1. Lid hygiene – There are several over-the-counter products that can be used to clean lid margin to eliminate overgrowth of bacteria. Make sure to remove your eye make-up every night and replace old make-up frequently.

2. Warm compresses – Dr. Kaur recommends doing warm compresses with a bruder mask at least once daily for 10 minutes.

3. Fish Oil

4. Wear glasses – discontinue contact lens use until stye heals

Recurrent styes are typically caused by an underlying eye or health issue. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Gurpinderjeet Kaur to create a personalized treatment plan to treat and prevent future styes.

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