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Eye & medical aesthetics 

Welcome to Bonney Lake Family Eye Care, where we believe in providing comprehensive eye care that goes beyond just addressing medical needs. Our commitment to your well-being extends to enhancing the aesthetic aspect of your eye health. We are pleased to partner with Dr. Ravneet Nahal, DNP, FNP-C to provide comprehensive medical eye and aesthetic services to our patients at our Bonney Lake location.

We understand that eye health is not just about functionality but also about feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. Our team of experienced eye care professionals combines medical expertise with a keen understanding of aesthetic concerns related to the eyes. By offering aesthetic services, we provide our patients with a one-stop solution for both medical and cosmetic eye care. This comprehensive approach ensures that you receive personalized attention and tailored solutions to meet all your eye-related needs.


We are partnering with Dr. Nahal to ensure that you receive the highest standard of care. This collaborative approach allows us to offer a diverse range of services while maintaining our commitment to safety, quality, and excellence.

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